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Wooden Retaining Wall

Wooden Retaining Walls & Wooden Window Wells

Nothing can match the natural beauty of real wood. 
The warmth, color and grain variations found in wood enhance a wall or window well, and they seem to flow more readily into the outdoor surroundings. Wood is an all-natural, sustainable product with a warm and rustic appearance that’s far superior to the sterile look of pieces of concrete.

Probably the greatest benefit to wood is the long length of the individual pieces comprising the wall. A wooden timber wall has timbers up to twenty feet in length, and when properly overlapped and tied together, this feature virtually eliminates the bowing, sagging, and “tip-in failure” so commonly associated with concrete segment retaining walls. Which interlocks together stronger, twenty-foot timbers or one foot concrete blocks?

lumber 3.0Railroad tie walls have soured the public’s perception of wood as a retaining wall material. Remember that they are USED when you get them and the railroads that remove them aren’t foolish; if they didn’t feel failure was imminent they would still be holding up rails! Pressure-treated wood is a far superior product compared to used railroad ties, so much so that a comparison isn’t even valid.  The 20-foot “treated to refusal” timbers that A Plus Skidloader Services utilizes in their retaining wall and window well projects are nothing like RR ties or Landscape Timbers. We used only specially-sourced, “50 year-rated for ground contact” timbers. The next time you’re in a big-box lumberyard, take a look at the tags on the ends of their “treated” wood. Those tags will almost certainly say, “Pressure treated lumber, not intended for ground contact”. All treated wood IS NOT created equal.

When you want the good stuff, call A Plus Skidloader Services. Why not make that call today?


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Some Retaining Wall Photos

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