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Sodding vs. Seeding

Sod is the best way to establish a lawn in summertime heat, or when “instant” grass is desired. However, sod is more expensive….

Seeding is a great way to economically establish a lawn in the spring or fall, but establishment takes time.

A+ Skidloader Services
can help you determine whether you should be sodding or seeding.

Done ONCE, Done RIGHT!

Five questions to ask potential contractors before
you hire your lawn sodded:

  1. Do they check all existing grades by laser and correct any deficiencies
    before installation?
  2. Do they till the entire site at least 3” deep (to promote proper rooting)
    before installation?
  3. Do they use fresh sod, newly-harvested each day?
  4. Do they pin all sod on slopes to prevent moving/sliding after watering or excessive rainfall?
  5. Do they leave you with easy-to-understand directions on watering?

Five questions to ask potential contractors before you hire your lawn seeded:

  1. Do they address any grade deficiencies and till the entire area before seeding?
  2. Do they use premium-quality seed with a significant percentage of bluegrass or a cheap “contractor’s mix” including only ryegrass and fescues?
  3. Do they hand-rake any imperfections left by machinery?
  4. Do they roll after seeding to avoid air pockets, improve seed-to-soil contact and to eliminate thin stands?
  5. Do they install silt fences to protect the sidewalk, driveway, and environment?


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