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Wet basements are usually caused by groundwater building up in the soil to a level where hydraulic pressure forces the moisture inside through your foundation's weakest point, or from improperly installed or inadequate window wells. This moisture, if left unchecked, will lead to structural damage, foundation buckling, mold, mildew, the inability to use the basement for storage or living space, and will decrease the value of the entire home. The most frequent cause of this is an improper grade sloping towards the home.

There are several ways to address an incorrect slope, and we are experts at all of them. We will gladly share with you the pros and cons of each method, and once we have established which method will work best for your specific needs, we promptly move towards solving your specific, individual situation.

Remember, it's always preferable to keep the water out rather than to pump it out!



Site grading away from a foundation with the correct slope is easiest of the possible yard drainage solutions. But sometimes, poor drainage in a yard isn't corrected so easily. If your site is situated at the foot of a slope, grading the ground along the foundation may not be enough.

slopesWhen the home sits too close to the ground to increase the soil level along the foundation, constructing swales and/or berms are the logical answer.

A swale is a specialized, aesthetically pleasing shallow and relatively wide ditch that channels the water out into the lawn where it can soak in or dissipate.

A berm is the exact opposite—it rises out of the lawn and acts as a dike or levee that keeps water away from the foundation.

We are your one-stop solution! We can correct the initial problem and update your landscaping while we are on-site—no need for you to deal with multiple contractors!




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