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IMG 8515photo Pepper Farms

We were called to an upscale retirement complex in Ames, Iowa, to look at a couple of units
experiencing flooding during heavy rains or even just rapid downpours.

IMG 8517photo Pepper Farms

Upon inspection, we discovered a "backslope," meaning that the lawn close to the units sloped TOWARDS the apartments.

IMG 8675photo Pepper Farms

We came in and regraded everything, lowering the grade up next to the units so that the water will flow out and harmlessly away.

IMG 8679photo Pepper Farms

Their lawns went from a "backslope" of 3" to 5" TOWARDS the units to an outward slope of over
a foot in the first 20 feet heading out away from the foundations!

It hasn't rained yet, but as long as water still flows downhill, these units will now be forever dry!