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Ryan before Pepper Farms
We were called to Johnston, Iowa, to look at a rotting and collapsing wooden egress well.
It was initially constructed out of landscape-grade wood and not fully treated wood, and that caused the initial collapse.
There were also no upright supports attached to the foundation, and the well was pushing in on the window frame, causing the window to bind and possibly not even open in an emergency.

Ryan during Pepper Farms
We came in and tore out the old well. It doesn't really look like it in the pictures, but it just crumbled--we didn't even need to use a pry bar to get the old wood apart- it just fell in when we started removing it. We then added upright supports to keep the new well away from the window and proceeded to construct an entirely new wooden well-- fully- treated, not "landscape grade' it will last for many, many decades.

Ryam after Pepper Farms
Our customer came home as we were cleaning up and was not only pleased with the new well and escape steps but couldn't believe how nice we left the lawn: "I told my husband that this would be a disaster to our lawn and I can't even see a single bit of damage--the lawn looks perfect and I am so pleased."

Another thing that sets us apart--we not only build a great egress well out of the absolute best materials, we also leave your lawn in fantastic shape—just another of the many A Plus Skidloader differences. We care about your property!