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Windsor oaks before Pepper Farms
We were called to Windsor Oaks Retirement Community in Ames, Iowa, to investigate erosion around a storm sewer inlet,
as we have done several of these for them in the past.
Windsor Oaks during 1 Pepper Farms

We excavated, following the eroded hole as it meandered to a misaligned joint in the drainage pipe approximately 8' away from the inlet.

Windsor Oaks during 2 Pepper Farms

We sealed the joint and wrapped it with a rubber membrane. Then, we backfilled the excavation and compacting as we went.
Windsor Oaks during 3 Pepper Farms
Our final step was installing an erosion blanket to protect the newly excavated soil.
Windsor Oaks after Pepper Farms

Winsor Oak's representative was pleased; "We are so fortunate to have you as someone we can always count on to help us
with our problems- we don't know who else we'd trust to keep us going.
Thanks for everything, especially coming soon after we discovered this and before we received a huge rain that
would most likely cause great damage. Thanks again Dave, tell your crew they are wonderful!"