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1212 upper stub wall before Peppe

We were called to a townhome association in Ankeny, Iowa, that's was a repeat customer.
We have worked on their wooden retaining walls before.
Now, they wanted some walls rebuilt and others repaired. They also wanted some wooden egress well repaired.

1212 wall before Pepper Farms

We did just that-- we repaired some walls, replaced some failing walls with new ones,
and repaired several wooden egress wells that are nearing the end of their lives.

1212 upper stub wall after Pepper

We were the neighborhood hit, especially when people learned we were using
fully-treated wood and not the landscape grade they had that had prematurely failed!
Everyone was delighted to see us improving their deficiencies!
The association President has asked us to come back and replace several egress wells next season!

1212 wall after Pepper Farms

Don't be fooled by those who use landscape-grade wood- A Plus Skidloader only uses 50-year warranted, fully-treated wood. Once and done!