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Eubank before Pepper Farms
We were called to a beautiful executive home on Grand Ave in Des Moines to look at a wet basement.
It was apparent that the landscape was overgrown and that the backfill against the house had significant settling,
causing water to pool along the foundation.

Eubank during Pepper Farms

We removed the overgrown landscaping, fixed several deficiencies in the buried downspouts, and then brought in topsoil and
raised the grade against the home, careful to direct any water outward and away.
In areas without plantings, we used an impervious membrane in place of landscape fabric so that no water can seep downward.
We then covered the entire area with new mulch.

Eubank after Pepper Farms
The grade is now corrected! The customer was out of town when we completed this job but can hardly wait to see it in person.
A fresh, clean look over a much-improved grade. A win-win!