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Hoyer front before Pepper Farms

We were doing a new wooden egress well on Kentucky Ave in Ames, Iowa when that same customer asked for a bid
on raising the grade against the home, and after the grade issues were resolved, they wanted suggestions on new landscaping.

Hoyer side before Pepper Farms

Hoyer rear before Pepper Farms

Dave had the guys raise the grade and then suggested a paver edger with a blue "traprock" in the
front for maximum curb appeal and a more budget-friendly 1.25" river rock on the other sides.

Hoyer front after Pepper Farms

After showing the customer pictures of our recent work, the customer excitedly told Dave to go ahead.

Hoyer side after Pepper Farms

The job went well and turned out great! The grade issues were resolved, and an all-new look
was created that's much more clean and modern. The customer is VERY pleased.