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Stump before Pepper Farms

We were called to a very nice neighborhood in Clive, Iowa, to look at a leaking egress well.

It was too short and also installed with cheap anchors that had rusted through and allowed the well to pull away.

Stump during Pepper Farms
We installed a taller well and double-sealed the flanges where they attached to the foundation using stainless steel anchors that will never rust out.

We noticed that the lawn had been initially graded TOWARDS the hoe due to the way-too-sort original well.

So, we added topsoil all around our new taller well and sloped the lawn outward away from the home.

Stump after 1 Pepper Farms
Our customer was quite pleased, especially with our attention to her lawn and pool area.

We tarped our work zone and put down plywood before we began so that after we were done, her lawn was undamaged. 

There's everyone else's way--piling the dirt on the bare lawn and then leaving a mess--and there's the
A Plus Skidloader way--leaving things pristine and tidy.

Stump after 2 Pepper Farms

We know you're proud of your property, and we are proud of our attention to detail which results
in leaving your beautiful lawn pristine and undamaged.