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Jorgensen Job 2 3

While we were working on another area of her home, the customer mentioned she suspected something was amiss under her deck.
She had water infiltrating the basement from that area. She had contacted another company, but they told her there was
nothing they could do because the deck was in the way.
Dave offered to pull a few deck boards and take a look, and sure enough, the grade was funneling water right towards the foundation.

Jorgensen Job 2 2

We pulled up several more deck boards so we'd have room to fix the grade, and then we wheelbarrowed topsoil up onto the
deck and poured it through the deck joists until we had a good positive slope AWAY from the foundation.
We then covered the corrected grade with a rubberized membrane, and then we reinstalled the deck boards.

Jorgensen Job 2 1

Before we got back to our shop for the day, the customer had already submitted a testimonial to our website.
Don't let others tell you there's nothing you can do to repair a deficient grade if there's a deck over it-- we can fix it.