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We were called to Polk City, Iowa, to look at three window wells that were deficient and were allowing water to flow into them.

Cline before 1 Pepper Farms

They had never been attached to the foundation and had moved considerably from many years of freeze-thaw cycles.

Cline During1

We replaced the window wells with taller ones, adequately sealed and attached.
For added security and peace of mind, the customer had us add covers too.

Cline after 1.1 Pepper Farms

The new wells and covers are higher, covered, and attached, which will mean
many decades of service/keeping the windows free from rainwater or snowmelt.

Cline after 2 Pepper Farms

Our customer had to leave before we were done, and Dave told him to mail a check after he'd seen
the complete project, but he said it looked so good, and we came so well-recommended
that he'd pay us before he left. We took no shortcuts to finish the job, and the customer is delighted.