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Sullivan Before 1 Pepper Farms

We were called back to a repeat customer for advice on how to improve their backyard.
It was void of turfgrass and was extremely rough because it was hard even to take a walk back there.

Sullivan before 2 Pepper Farms

We recommended that they thin the tree canopy a bit and afterward having us come in and re-grade and then reseed the lawn.
After the trees were thinned, we went in and completely smoothed things out,
and then we reseeded with a very hardy lawn mix designed for shady areas.

Sullivan after 1 Pepper Farms

Then after we rolled the entire new lawn, we installed an erosion blanket that will drastically soil movement
and hold in moisture and ensure things are off to a great start.
The customers told us that they couldn't stop looking out of their windows into the backyard.

Sullivan after 2 Pepper Farms

It was so much smoother than they had ever anticipated.
"We just can't stop looking out and smiling; we are ecstatic!  We can't wait for our new backyard".
Postscript- the week after we left was rainy, and while watering will no doubt be necessary at some point, the new lawn is off to a great start.