This customer, who had a fairly new home had issues way too soon.

White Oak Drive old well 1 decaying and too short


Their original window wells were made of landscape-grade wood and lasted only a few years.

They were leaking along the foundation as the original installers didn’t seal them. AND,
they were also too short so heavy storms caused flooding over the top as well... a double whammy.


White Oak Drive old well 2 decaying and too short



We came in and removed the old inferior-grade wooden wells and replaced them with new metal wells that were of the proper height and covered.

We not only used stainless-steel anchors and sealed the flanges, we also wrapped the attachment points with foundation membrane
so that there is no chance at all that the wells will leak .

On one of the wells, the A/C unit was way to close, so we moved it further away as well.



White Oak Drive old wooden well being dismantked



White Oak Drive new well being installed



We addressed some grade deficiencies, installed ladders & covers, and seeded the raised-grade.

All work now meets code and is a much-needed improvement.


White oak drive well 1 after



White Oak drive well 2 after