Customer complaint was that the old window well was made from landscape-grade wood and was rotting.
Also, it didn’t have an escape ladder which is a serious code violation.

The original landscape beds were installed too high and were trapping water which was causing flooding
and speeding up the decaying of the window well.

Someone had installed a stop-gap cover and drainage system, but the was highly ineffective.


Southdale Drive before 2

Southdale Drive before 1




We removed the old well and replaced it with a new metal well, escape ladder and hinged cover.

We then lowered the old landscape beds, installed a new lower bed with decorative rock and an
created an all-new border which was properly-sloped to allow rainwater to dissipate.

No more flooding, a much-improved look, and everything is up to code now.

The front of the home will now be trouble-free for decades to come!


Southdale drive after