Water was infiltrating the basement both along the front and rear of the home.
We pulled out the decorative rock in the landscape beds and found the grade to be extremely deficient with large deep gaps
against the foundation. This was the pathway for water infiltration into the basement.


Shagbark Drive front before

Front of house - Before


Shagbark Drive front extremely low after landscaping removed pathway for water to infiltrate

Front of house - Before


Shagbark Drive Nevada front after

Front of house - After


Our first step was to install window wells to allow us to raise the grade against the home.  
We then repaired the deep crevasses along the foundation, raised the A/C unit 8” and moved it outward and brought in topsoil and
raised the grade as needed so that rainwater will flow out and away from the foundation and basement.

Our final step was to install impervious rubber membrane over the raised grade.
No more water standing in low spots against the foundation and entering the basement!

Once the customer adds the landscaping of their choice, this job will look wonderful!


Shagbark drive rear before

Back of house - Before

Shagbark Drive rear after

Back of house - After