Ashmore Drive job 1 hole under AC unit

Customer had been experiencing water infiltration into their basement right in line with where the central air conditioning unit sat outside.
They had another contractor work on it, but that contractor told them it wasn’t necessary to remove the A/C unit.
That contractor added some dirt (hardly topsoil), but simply covered the dirt with decorative rock without any barrier of any type above the soil.


We came in and removed the A/C to inspect under it since it was right in line with the water infiltration.
We found a large hole around a foot deep under the A/C unit that had simply been “filled in” with decorative rock.
The rock merely acted as a trap and then a sieve to allow water to flow downward, eventually entering the basement.

Ashmore Drive job 1 filling in the hole under the AC

We filled the hole and compacted it. We then raised the grade further using our premium topsoil, and created a new, higher spot for the A/C to set on.
We then added a continuous piece of rubber membrane over the newly built A/C area and the raised grade.
We installed the A/C support pad, and then the A/C ON TOP of the rubber membrane.

Ashmore Drive job 1 continuous rubber membrane w AC support ON TOP of it

This way of doing it was far better than just leaving the A/C in place and installing the rubber membrane around it which breaks the impervious seal,
and in this case, would have never uncovered the underlying problem, which was the foot-deep hole under the A/C unit.

We had our first heavy rain last night since this job was completed, and the customer reports a totally dry basement.


A shortcut is seldom the shortest or fastest distance between two points.

Shortcuts, in this case, leaving the A/C in place and skipping the rubber membrane, almost NEVER work.

Why not hire someone who will do the job RIGHT in the first place?