This customer's home had an inferior brand of egress window well that was also incorrectly installed. This poor installation broke away and allowed soil to enter the window well, plugging the drainage system and ultimately flooded the basement. In addition, it was too short and surface water often ran into the well from the lawn over the top.


Maple st Ankeny before 1


Maple St Ankeny before 2


We came in and CORRECTLY installed a top-quality window well at the correct height that was properly
sealed and then attached TO THE FOUNDATION, not the window frame.

We used stainless steel anchors that are recommended by the manufacturer.

The old well was installed on the window frame using tiny above-ground style anchors that rusted out—and half enough of them to fail.
The old well also didn’t meet code as is didn’t have a ladder.  


Maple st Ankeny during


Now the customer has superior window wells, properly-installed and properly-sized (taller).
Once the roto-rooter guy gets the drains free of mud, the basement will be safe from flooding for decades to come.

NW MAPLE ST Ankeny after 1

NW Maple St Ankeny after 2