White oak boards coming off

Our customer on White Oak Drive in Ames, Iowa had a complaint. Water entered the basement from under the deck.

They had another contractor work on it, and all that contractor did was add more rock.

The rock acted as a sieve, and had no benefit as far as stopping the water.

All the additional rock did was give the illusion that the grade had been raised and of course, water still made its way into the basement.

White Oak huge depression under deck


We removed the deck boards, raked out all of the rock and indeed found settling along the foundation.

This created a low spot where water stood and then seeped into the basement.

White oak grade raised rubber membrane down

We added enough topsoil under the deck to create a very good outward slope away from the foundation.

Then we covered the additional soil with a rubber membrane.

We replaced only a small portion of the rock to cover up the membrane.

Now, water flows outward, and the basement stays dry.
White oak raised grade membrane down looking through deck joists

Looks may be deceiving. If you're experiencing water infiltration and it appears the grade is good

by looking at the rock or mulch, DIG DOWN THROUGHT IT and check the actual slope of the soil!

The rock/mulch is just a sieve and has no water-shedding properties.

Many people are scammed by contractors who just add more rock or mulch to create the illusion of a proper grade.


White Oak adding soil