Here ia a job we did in August from Evergreen Circle in Ames.


The existing well was just beginning to rot. The construction of this window well used above-ground treated wood, not the high quality ground-contact treated wood like we use at A+ Skidloader. However, the main problem was how it was originally constructed. Whoever build the old one attached the inside edges to the basement window trim. This was causing the well to push in and thus caused the window to bind and not open as it should.


This is a SERIOUS safety issue. An egress well is just that...for emergency egress. It’s pretty hard to get out in a hurry through a window that won’t open. The old well was also beginning to collapse.

We removed the old well and then attached treated 2x4’s to the foundation spaced away from the window frame, using stainless steel anchors (they won’t rust/fail). This removed the pressure off of the window and it now opens and shuts like it should.


We then built a new well using below-ground rated, treated wood, and incorporated built-in steps that not only meet code, but strengthen the well so it won’t shift or collapse.


The new well is attached to the 2X4’s anchored to the foundation and not to the window trim.


Sometimes poor workmanship is not only unsightly and prematurely fails, but is also a serious safety issue.

Our quality workmanship and use of quality products provides not only a beautiful finished product, but a safe one too!


Call Dave at 515-230-1399 and he'll inspect your window wells , free of charge, and let you know if you have any safety issues or structural problems.


Evergreen Circle Ames before

Evergeeen Circle during construction

Evergreen Circle Ames after 1

Evergreen Circle after 2