Here is a job we finished up recently at A+ Skidloader Services, LLC. This home on Jensen Street in Ames had unattached wooden wells that had pulled off of the home and cheap, poorly-fitting covers. The soil had eroded into where the wells had pulled away. This erosion was up on the windows and began to rust out the metal window frames. The house’s overhang blocked rain and sunlight, so all the customer had was bare soil.
We had a number of items to address in order to bring this homeowner a great solution. We removed the old wooden wells, repaired the grade, cleaned the soil away from the window framesand installed new window wells. We properly attached everything and sealed and with drainage rock in the bottom of them.
We then installed our custom-made window well covers, and upgrade the landscaping with a nice border and river rock, along with some plants of the customer’s choosing. We then re-seeded the area in front of the new border with a shady blend of grass seed that’s been approved by the ISU Turfgrass department.
It looks great already, imagine how nice it will look once the new grass becomes established!
If you'd have issues around your window wells, let us show you how we can solve your problems and create a beautiful solution for your home. Call Dave Pepper at 515-230-1399 and he'll provide a free evaluation of your project.

Jensen St Ames before

Jensen st Ames after 1

Jensen St Ames after 2