Before and After Peterson Drive

Here is a small job we did back in the middle of July...

The customer told us about his yard that takes on a lot of water from a church parking lot. The water pooled in the back yard, killing the grass and making the back yard a muddy, wet mess for their dogs.

A+ Skidloader came in, removed the fence, graded a swale out of the back yard through the side yard. This resulted in sending the water out into the street to the storm sewer.

We added erosion blanket to the freshly-seeded swale and an temporary erosion fence at the end of the swale. The backyard still will take the Church’s water (nothing we can do about that),  but now it will flow out to the storm sewer immediately. This will help the backyard’s grass be lush and thick and the yard will dry up very soon after any rain ends instead of stay squishy and muddy for prolonged periods. After all of that we replaced the fence. The dogs to us they were happy because they didn't have muddy paws :-)


SE Peterson Drive Ankeny before

SE Peterson DRiv ankeny after