Before and After Larson Well

Did you know that A+ Skidloader doesn't only do residential, we do commercial work too?

This was a recent project for Larson Drilling Service in Roland, Iowa.

The owner Riley Larson, wanted to improve the looks of the area in front of his office.

We removed the old rock and debris, brought in topsoil and raised the grade along the lower edge of the building. Then we installed commercial-quality landscape fabric, all-new edging and new river rock.  

Riley gave us free rein at the gutter downspout area, but asked us to incorporate some slabs of limestone he’d acquired. We decided on a splashpad with concrete-mortared joints, and the end result is stunning! No more erosion under the downspout extension with an upscale look!

Finally we seeded new turfgrass on the new topsoil outside of the decorative rock. Once the lawn becomes established, this job will look fantastic!


Larson Roland before 2 edit

Larson Roland before 1 edit

Larson Roland after 1 edit

Larson Roland after 2 edit