Basement Waterproofing

Wouldn't you like a dry basement?


Settled Backfill

Over time, the loose soil replaced against your home’s foundation
settles and allows water to accumulate and seep down and cause damage rather than harmlessly flow away.

Our proven system includes:


Swales and Berms

When the home sits too close to the ground to increase the soil level along the foundation, constructing swales and/or berms are the logical answer.

A swale is a specialized, aesthetically pleasing shallow and relatively wide ditch that channels the water out into the lawn where it can soak in or dissipate.

A berm is the exact opposite—it rises out of the lawn and acts as a dike or levee that keeps water away from the foundation.  See more examples of swales and berms here


We are your one-stop solution! We can correct the initial problem and update your landscaping while we are on-site—no need for you to deal with multiple contractors!



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